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I have re-instated, from today, the "This Day in History" picture on my Twitter feed, Dave - I.R.I.S.@djm1643. I have made one major alteration, and that is the feed will be military history only in future. There are many sites covering other aspects of world history since the advent of photography in the mid-nineteenth century, and they can inform and illuminate such aspects of history as social, transport, crime, sport, celebrity, etc., and as I am a military history specialist, then I will stick to what I know best! There will be a picture put up every day, seven days a week. I hope they illustrate, inform and make you curious about the rest of the story.
You may have noticed that I have been very quiet of late. When you have zero work coming in, then there is nothing to report. Simple really. I went away for several months, to re-train as a gas engineer, and, once I get my placement, then get my portfolio of jobs done within that placement, and take my five exams and pass, then I will be a fully qualified Gas Engineer.
I am still keeping this company going, as picture research and identification is something I have been doing for over thirty five years, and I am, frankly, bloody good at it. Not having the funds to advertise my services has led to my current state of affairs. But once I start earning again, in the New Year, I will be in a position to do both jobs; Gas Engineer in the day, Picture Research and Identification at night AND be able to pay for my advertising at last!.
So, with that in mind, if anyone out there has either pictures they want identified, artwork they want identified, military artefacts or medals they want identified or serving persons military records to be uncovered for their ancestors or relatives, then get in touch. I have, probably, a few months before I start my placement, so come on people! Let me bring your history home to you!
Call me on 07730 583003, or email at or go to the message box on this website and leave a message. I look forward to helping you find your families history

I have just finished a major search for a client on the Polish Army of 1922. So now is the time to get in touch. If you would like some research done as a Christmas gift, now would be the perfect time to contact me, so the research can be done in time for the gift to be given for Christmas!

Dave McLoughlin

Hello fans of IRIS! I have decided to shake up my company a bit: somethings have gone, and somethings have been added. I have discontinued my art identification service and also my marketing advice service, as they were not generating anywhere near the level of business I was hoping they would. I am now providing a full freelance picture research service for anyone looking for images to illustrate books, magazines, film, television and multi-media platforms on the internet. It is what I have done for over thirty-five years, so I am going to go back to doing what I am good at! I am still doing photo and postcard identification for both picture archives and collections, and for members of the public. And I am still providing my talky to museums on how to research photographs for regular and special displays and events, without using the internet and engaging with the local community instead.
I have also been toying with the idea of putting together a stand and desk at various small history fairs around the country for next year. It has been suggested to me by a number of people as a great way of meeting potential clients for the Identification and Service History sides of my business. I have to get my truck fixed first, which is going to cost several thousand pounds, but will be very worth it. So once that happens I shall be on the road talking to people about their ancestors photos and military service! Look out for me at a History fair near you, next year!
Well, for those of you who do actually read my updates and news, you may be interested to know that I have just 24 hours left on my Crowdfunder page, to try and raise the target of £10,000. "How close are you?", I hear you ask. To fully answer that, imagine the distance between the base of Mount Everest and the topmost peak..... That is the kind of mountain I have left to climb! Not that it will stop me from continuing with my company. But I will no longer be able to do any site visits to clients where they are in difficult to access locations, which is more than a few, as part of the fund was to repair my Land Rover so I could visit clients. It was costing so much to do visits to clients by train and bus, and taking a VERY long time sometimes, that I ended up making a loss so far as the business was concerned. I have NO financial backing at all for this venture. The Small Business loan I received as part of a New Business Creation, was whittled down and down until it was negligible. And this also means that I do not have the money to advertise my services in newspapers, magazines or on social media sites like Facebook (and yes, to do a wide spread advert on FB it costs) I have no money at all, except the small amount I get from the council to pay the rent. Which is HALF of what the rent is. There are those who do this sort of research for free. And they have the financial stability to be able to do so. I am doing this as a business. I put my heart and soul into it. I like to believe that I am very good at what I do. And the people who contact me have a choice. They do NOT have to employ me. They could do the research themselves, if they have the time and the knowledge, or they could go to one of the free-search sites. I have looked at these sights, and they are very good. But I do not know what their full service is, save that they will identify images and do documents research. To find out a full service I would have to employ them on a search to get that information and that would be a bit underhand for my tastes, though that same strategy has been employed on me recently. People have a choice. If they chose me, then I give more than 100% of my time and effort. But they do not have to. I am just being open and honest about this. They choose me because they like what they read about IRIS or because a previous client has recommended me.

I will accept the pledges made, as I can get more business cards and put an advert in the Nottingham Evening Post. So no matter how small, the money will be put to good use in my company.

If you want to keep up with my History-Pics from IRIS, then visit -

Plus I have a Facebook Page as well -

So, please keep looking in, and if you know of someone who would find my skills and knowledge useful, then do remember that I am not just a military historian, I also identify photographs and postcards involving architecture, crime, espionage, transport of all types, social unrest, weather, popular entertainment from the 1840's to the 1970's and sport. AND I am a highly experienced picture researcher and film researcher, so if you need searches done for a book, magazine, journal, documentary or film, then let me know and I will be only too happy to be of assistance and at highly competitive rates, too!

Image Research & Identification Services is NOT going to fail. It is going to succeed.

With a bit of faith in the company and a lot of hard work. And time.

Thanks for listening everyone.
A few weeks ago I spent a highly enjoyable day at Fotofringe 2017 in London. The show is becoming a favourite of mine as it is the friendliest I have come across, and very well organised by TopFoto
I was reacquainted with some old friends and made some exciting new friends as well. I am looking forward to the rest of the year and some exciting opportunities to work with some excellent companies.
I now have a Twitter account, which publishes one picture a day of an event in history that was photographed in black & white, at 10.00am, each day. Each image has a small caption.

And there is my Facebook Page as well,

And, most importantly, my Crowdfunder Page,

And I have a LinkeIn page as well, just for good measure!

I would be very happy if many more people keep in touch with me and avail themselves of the research services I provide.
I have been asked, several times, by prospective clients, why the rush to identify these soldiers, sailors, airman and marines (the WWII ones), after all there are still hundreds of thousands of them left, right? I truly wish that was the case. But sadly, the veterans who served us in World War Two are becoming fewer and fewer in number each week. Many of the vets are nearly 100 years old. Most are in their late 80's. For many families, they would like to know the stories of their photos from WWII, before their relatives pass away. The more I can find these stories and the more records can be unearthed, the more information on those who were involved in the Second World War, military and civilian, we can preserve for future generations. I truly believe this is important work. So please, contact me to help your family find out these stories, and visit my Crowd-Funding page, and help me really build this company into something that can make a a difference to families now and in the future.
One of the services I offer clients is Art research. If you have a painting or drawing that you feel may be of some value, or you have no information about the piece of art and would like to know more, then I can undertake that research for you. All I would need would be a high res image of the work of art and any information, no matter how small, that may have come with the purchase or the acquisition of the work. Such searches can reveal some startling facts. A client last year had a type of onionskin drawing or ultra-fine vellum(used to over lay on the canvas and the then prick the outline of the painting onto the canvas. It was a unusual scene. Initially the client believed it showed French soldiers and a female cantiniere (drinks carrier) during the Napoleonic Wars. But the uniforms depicted were far more suggestive of Prussian uniforms of the 18th century.

The original painting was titled: Marketenderin zwischen den Regimentern Dessau u. Bayreuth

This is a copy shown in a German magazine which had an article on the paintings in the Jubilee Exhibition of 1886.

The regiments featured in the image are Prussian. The cavalry at the back are the Dragoner-Regiment N0.5 Bayreuth, a dragoon regiment, and the infantry in the front of the image are the 3/6 Kleist Grenadiers of the Anhalt-Dessau Regiment. The figure in the centre is a woman on the pony and was known as a 'Marketenderin" or canteen keeper, so someone who has the regiments water supplies.

The picture shows these two regiments of Frederick the Great's Army at the Battle of Hohenfriedberg , June 4, 1745, during the War of the Austrian Succession. The Bayreuth Dragoons made a real name for themselves at this battle as did the Grenadiers (who were considered an elite fighting force within Frederick's army).

The artist is Fritz Werner, born in Berlin in 1827. He painted this for the Jubilee Exhibition in Berlin in 1886.

It turned out that the client actually had a photograph of an onionskin drawing that he had bought at a book sale in Ithaca, New York. He did not have the original painting. Which was probably just as well, as the painting is currently listed as having being stolen from it's Jewish owner by the Nazi's in WWII, and it has not yet been recovered !

Many times you can not tell what fascinating stories your painting, drawing, art photograph, sculpture or craftsman's object is going to reveal to you.
Searches such as these performed by the bigger firms and auction houses may take a long time and be costly.
So why not commission me to to undertake the research for you?
I had lots of people take advantage of my New Years Sale, to get their images identified or the story of their ancestors military service detailed. Now the numbers have dropped off and I can finish of some long term, larger projects for a week, but then I will be available for searches again. And there are hundreds of thousands of photos and postcards out there with no information attached to them, but with SUCH stories to tell you and your family! Let me bring your families history home to you! Contact me now using the contact form on the main page, or call me on 07730 583003.
I will be attending this years Fotofringe at King's Place in London on 27 April. At least years splendid event, I met with many lovely people and talked about my new company, and the idea behind it. This year I will be there to talk about what I can bring to those companies that wish to discuss such matters. If you would like to have a chat about photo identification, acquire captioning and key wording, then call me direct on 07730 583003

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  • Historical Advice and Props Assistance to Film, TV and Multi-Media Platforms
  • Image Identification
  • Image Researcher
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  • Image Research Advice

Registered Office

36 Barwell Drive
United Kingdom

Contact Details

Telephone: 0115 929 1041
Mobile No: 07730 583003

Areas of Coverage: UK, Eire, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and any of the current or former Commonwealth Countries